NM Mexico Supreme Court: Dairy meetings stay in Roswell

Back in mid-November, I blogged about an attempt by environmentalists to change the meeting location of a New Mexico environmental panel seeking input on new waste water rules on dairy farms. The meeting was scheduled to be held in Roswell but Sierra Club wanted to have the meetings held in New Mexico’s capitol, Santa Fe. If the meeting was held in Santa Fe it would make it harder for dairy farmers to make it but would enable the Sierra Club to rally their supporters. The Sierra Club stated that their intent in changing the meeting location was to follow the law, but they obviously did so knowing the dairy farmers might not be able to make it making enactment of the new rules easier.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, the Sierra Club lost in a state district court and then appealed to the New Mexico Supreme Court. The NMSC upheld the district court’s ruling stating that the meetings had to be held close to areas where those most affected in order to give parties subject to rules can have the ability to give feedback. The vast majority of dairies are located near Roswell. Fortunately, this ruling makes it easier for dairy farmers to give feedback on proposed waste water rules. Had the Sierra Club won, the new rules might result in the demise of many New Mexico dairy farms which was obviously what the green group wanted.

Fortunately, this will make it easier for New Mexico dairy farmers to have the new rules lifted in which, according to the Quay Country Sun, the regulations were imposed on them to begin with. The Sierra Club contended that the dairy farmers not only consented to the new regulations and the farms were exceeding pollution standards. The dairy farmers counter that the rules were imposed on them and the environmentalist organization was using biased readings on limited data. The farmers have scientists and studies that they will present that refute the Sierra Club’s assertions.

The true intent of the Sierra Club was to shut dairy farms down and their claim that they want the law to be followed when it came to waste water regulatory hearings was nothing more than an excuse. Thankfully, New Mexico courts put the brakes on environmentalist efforts to outlaw dairy products which are a vital and necessary part of our diets. If the Sierra Club had been successful it might have lead to the dairy farmers moving to a neighboring state (like Arizona) or lower quality and even reduced choices in dairy-related foods which, in turn, affects our health.