Anti-immigrant mean greenies perpetuate myth of stolen jobs

I have to give credit where credit is due, and am impressed at the amount of time and effort environmentalists put into perpetuating propaganda and it doesn’t help anything when conservative outlets, like National Review, report their research as if it were fact. Publishing commentaries or even speaking out against the logic of groups like the Center for Immigration studies certainly goes against perceived wisdom so let this essay at this website serve as one that goes against the grain.

Just recently the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) issued at report stating that all net job growth since 2007 has gone toward immigrants – both legal and illegal. Simply put, this means that native-born Americans lost out on jobs at the expense of foreign born workers. According to National Review citing the CIS study:

From November 2007 through November 2014, the number of employed native-born Americans has decreased more than 1.45 million, while the number of employed immigrants has risen by more than 2 million (as the immigrant population grew rapidly, too), according to data compiled by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Meaning that native-born Americans are losing jobs at the expense of immigrants (which is total nonsense on its face). However, the authors of the report do note two interesting exceptions:

Although all of the employment growth has gone to immigrants, natives accounted for 69 percent of the growth in the 16 and older population from 2007 to 2014.

It also points out:

More recently, natives have done somewhat better. However, even with job growth in the last two years (November 2012 to November 2014), 45 percent of employment growth has gone to immigrants, though they comprise only 17 percent of the labor force.

It is only by stating the above exceptions that the authors of the CIS report can make their case that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans. In the perfect world of anti-immigrant proponents, immigrants benefit at the expense of natives. The reality is immigration actually grows the economy, enhances productivity and creates jobs. According to the Migration Policy Institute, immigrants amount to 13 percent of the US population of 314 million people.

The benefit of immigrants, however, is that many immigrants become entrepreneurs upon arrival. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, in 2012 immigrant-owned companies created almost half a million jobs and generated more than $50 billion in new capital. The Chamber’s report also points out that over 20 percent of all US science and technology businesses were founded in whole or in part by immigrants while most are likely to choose self-employment.

In a general sense immigrant workers do not replace natives but compliment them resulting from productivity. But because each worker has different skills that means they compete for different jobs. Immigration policy analyst Alex Nowrasteh at the Cato Institute points out that immigrants tend to take employment at the high or low end of labor markets while native-born Americans have skills in the middle. This means there is minimal competition between native-born Americans and immigrants and all three tiers of labor markets feed off each other resulting in job creation at all levels resulting from production.

Anti-immigrationists try to make some sort of weird correlation between employment gains for natives and immigrants when, in fact, none exists. Peel the layers off of the Center for Immigration Study manuscript using Alex Nowrasteh’s critique of a previous CIS report and you can see for yourself. For the most part, net gains in employment for natives and immigrants move in the same direction. In terms of employment, native-born Americans gain and immigrants gain since we all work in the same labor market. However, not all workers are created equal since immigrants tend to prefer self employment they will move where economies are healthy and are more willing to take risks. A trait that should be cheered and not jeered.

This goes to show, again, the fallacies and outright misrepresentations (dare I say lies) indicative not only of environmentalists whose think tank studies are picked up by anti-immigrant groups and conservative groups that are purported as fact. The Center for Immigration Studies, Federation for American Immigration Reform and NumbersUSA are the brainchild of retired ophthalmologist and environmentalist John Tanton. Tanton started all three groups with the intent to not only restrict but also halt all immigration to the United States. This is due to Tanton and all three group’s anti-human ethic grounded in environmentalism as the basis for their activities. It is not out of any concern for the welfare of the people or culture of the United States.