PeTA mission seeks to gross out Super Bowl fans

PeTA has a scheme to not only gross you out so you not eat meat, they are also looking to convert you to the group’s underlying green religious sect, Veganism. The Phoenix Business Journal reveals the human hate group has a kiosk at the Super Bowl festivities in Phoenix, Arizona. PeTA workers at the kiosk treat you not only to meat-free fake chicken wings but also a virtual reality video entitled I, Chicken that takes you through the steps chickens go through prior to slaughter. In short, the video is geared to shock you and gross you out simultaneously in hopes you will no longer eat meat and, hopefully, opt for a vegan diet instead.

I wrote about PeTA’s video at the end of October. Basically, the person watching the video sees what happens to a chicken putting them in the animals’ place. According to Slate, at first you are socializing with your chicken friends and then rounded up by your farmer owner, put in a cage and then sent to the slaughter house. Sensors enable you to simulate a chicken walking through scenes in the game and the game will even flap your chicken character’s wings if you flap your arms. The project was made possible via a grant from Simpsons producer Sam Simon and the game itself was manufactured by a video game company out of Seattle. Upon completion and typical for a religion, you are handed a vegan starter kit and stickers with quotes by musician Paul McCartney.

“We purposely decided not to make it too graphic,” said Arth, who explained the breaking legs and wings, feet in shackles, stun baths and blade that slits the bird’s throat in a typical assembly line process of a standard slaughterhouse. “They’re feeling pain just like us or a dog.”

I am sure many Super Bowl fans will appreciate being shown a violent video during pre-game festivities. The purpose of this project is to gross the participant out in hopes that they no longer eat meat and, simultaneously, convince you to embrace a vegan diet. If you would like to see a video of I, Chicken it is provided for you below. Meantime, when I watch the Super Bowl I plan on ordering my meal from that chicken company PeTA owns stock in: Kentucky Fried Chicken.