Environmentalists disdain Disney artificial spring idea

Disney Theme Parks has a unique idea. The Orlando Sentinel points out the company would like to transform downtown Disney into Disney Springs which will encompass a number of man-made springs the company states will reflect the the natural beauty of Florida and the state’s waterfront towns. Environmentalist’s reaction to the company’s announcement is a sarcastic: really?

“Now here’s a crazy story that we absolutely are not making up,” said David Guest, lead attorney for EarthJustice in Florida, in a blog post. “Disney is building a fake Florida spring for the world to see in its Orlando amusement park.”

“Disney Springs makes a mockery of Florida’s natural springs and the rural lifestyle it intends to mimic,” said Karen Ahlers, executive director of Florida Defenders of the Environment.

The symbolism by such sarcasm and opposition to an idea like Disney proposes demonstrates the hatred environmentalists have for development. Also gong on in Florida is an attempt to develop a section of a proposed shopping center in Miami that will include a preserve showcasing the wildlife in the area. According to The Miami Herald, area residents consider the section of the pine rocklands that companies, like Walmart, are seeking to develop as blighted and tantamount to being a slum. But that is not preventing environmentalists from using endangered species in the area and petitioning federal wildlife agencies using endangered species statutes in order to prevent the mall from going forward.

Environmentalists value nature intrinsically and use harm to the environment as an excuse in order to prevent development and condemn private efforts at demonstrating how nature is. To them, all forms of nature should be left alone because humans are a blight on the fact of the Earth to be extinguished. Hindering and even preventing development, in their minds, is a way to help make life a living hell on Earth for mankind.