Russian-tied foreign firm funding US green groups

The Washington Free Beacon has revealed some startling but not altogether surprising information related to a wide variety of Russian-linked funding sources subsidizing US environmentalist groups. A little-known Bermuda-based company named Klein, Ltd is run by executives with heavy ties to Russian oil interest groups and are linked to money laundering schemes involving people who are part of President Vladimir Putin’ inner circle.

Nicholas Hoskins is not only a senior counsel at a Bermuda law firm but is also director of a hedge fund that is heavily invested in Russian oil and gas markets including ties with Russian oil company Rosneft. The Beacon reports that Klein Ltd. was established entirely for charitable purposes and has funneled $23 million to U.S. environmentalist groups that push policies that would inhibit American oil and gas manufacturing. As you may know, US oil and gas manufacturing has surged in recent years and has hurt Russia’s energy-reliant economy. Consequently, it has lead to speculation that Russia maybe backing anti-fracking efforts in the United States. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The only publicly available documentation of any business conducted by Klein Ltd. were two Internal Revenue Service filings by the California-based Sea Change Foundation, which showed that Klein had contributed $23 million to the group in 2010 and 2011. Klein Ltd. was responsible for more than 40 percent of contributions to Sea Change during those years.

The foundation passed those millions along to some of the nation’s most prominent and politically active environmentalist groups. The Sierra Club, the Natural Resource Defense Council, Food and Water Watch, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Center for American Progress were among the recipients of Sea Change’s $100 million in grants in 2010 and 2011.

The Beacon article also states:

The Sierra Club, which received nearly $8.5 million from Sea Change in 2010 and 2011, launched its “Beyond Natural Gas” campaign the following year. The effort has become one of the largest and best-funded environmentalist campaigns combating fracking and the extraction of natural gas in general.

Again we see Russia meddling in foreign affairs in hopes of undermining US oil production so the country can maintain marketshare. It has been revealed that Russia also financed efforts involving environmentalist groups in Europe who protested and attempted to halt fracking there as well. Russia provides natural gas to Europe via Gazprom and it is attempting to prevent competition so it can maintain its monopoly in natural gas and marketshare in oil production. Even Greenpeace has been accused of being on Russia’s payroll while the Sierra Club has even taken money from natural gas companies to fund their opposition to coal and money from other sources to pay for the group’s anti-fossil fuel activities.

It was George Washington who once said: Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder. The fact that Russia and even energy companies funnel money to Gang Green in order to sabotage American oil and gas production goes to prove that (despite their denials of Russian support) even environmentalists are not immune from being bought and paid for.