Lawsuit says wind turbines jeopardize endangered species

An interesting lawsuit was filed in the Michigan upper peninsula recently. Residents and the Garden Peninsula Foundation state that wind turbines are near by wind farms pose a threat to other endangered species and migratory birds. The lawsuit filed against Heritage Sustainable Energy contends not only are the wind farms the company operate pose a threat to various bird species but it seeks damages demanding the company re-evaluate or abandon its present wind turbines and not expand the company’s farms.

While the company and other wind farm outfits deny the issues brought up in the lawsuit, it has raised a series of serious charges against wind turbines. According to Michigan Live:

The residents listed in the lawsuit, which also names Kenneth Salazar, U.S. Secretary of Interior, and the U.S. Fish and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as defendants, say their quality of life – and property values – have been diminished by “the disturbing audible noise, vibrations, and shadow flicker from the wind turbines (that) have invaded the individual plaintiffs’ homes and properties … .”

Then, there is the high cost to wildlife, the lawsuit said.

The foundation contends that the Fish and Wildlife Service, in a Nov. 4, 2011, letter to the power company, recommended against constructing the energy development in the Garden Peninsula “due to the high potential for avian mortalities and violations of Federal Wildlife laws, including the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.”

Wetlands and the peninsula itself act as a “funnel” for migratory birds crossing Lake Michigan.

The lawsuit said the plaintiffs believe that reports have been submitted to the Fish and Wildlife Service showing that eagles have been killed in the 450-feet-high turbines. The Fish and Wildlife Service strongly disagreed with an expert for Heritage over his assessment of avian risk, and said it “is likely to pose a very high risk for avian mortalities, including a high risk for bald eagle mortalities,” the lawsuit said.

One wind farm company attempted to sue the federal government to block the Interior Department from releasing information on how many birds were found dead at its facilities. This is what is not only troublesome but what is extremely revealing about proponents of wind and even solar power. Wind turbines kill hundreds of birds each year. The birds get struck by wind turbine blades while solar panels can kill birds by the animals mistakenly seeing their reflection in solar panels. Some even die from exposure to the large amounts of heat solar panels can give off.

Despite all of this, not an peep from environmentalists concerned about endangered species. Not even an outcry from animal rights groups for the vast amounts of bird deaths resulting from wind turbine blades or solar panels at solar powered plants. I guess now that their ideas have been enacted and the tables have turned in their favor, environmentalist’s concern for birds and other forms of nature effected by renewables is collateral damage since their ideas are now being practiced. In short, environmentalists only care about the environment when their proposals are not of any benefit (which they are not).