The EPA nixes California’s renewable energy plan

California state agencies working in conjunction with federal agencies have drafted a huge plan to zone the state’s desert for renewable energy development. There is only one problem, according to KCET-TV, the EPA does not approve. As a result, California bureaucrats have to work even harder in order to appease the feds. The Environmental Protection Agency compliments California for its work on the plan, but states it does not take into account how zoning the California desert for development will impact air and water quality, wildlife and overall public health.

The EPA also states that the plan, known as the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP), not only makes assumptions about who many renewable energy facilities will be needed to provide energy to the state, but also rebukes it for not paying enough attention to how it will affect major state waterways like the Amargosa River. The reason why the EPA has jurisdiction is due to the particulates that will be generated not only due to facility construction, but under the Clean Air Act, the renewable power sources (like windmills) wold be considered a stationary source of pollution due to the new particulates wind turbines would create. Consequently, this action by the EPA could delay The Golden State’s renewable energy project for several years.

If this wasn’t so unbelievable it would be laughable. Environmentalists harp on renewable energy as the replacement for fossil fuels, but have numerous rules and regulations put in place that delay and even halt the construction of renewable energy amenities (like wind turbines). They also sue alleging a lack of adequate environmental impact studies or that building renewable plants would destroy the pristine area where renewables are supposed to be built. Not only do they seek to shut down fossil fuel oriented power plants, the process they lobbied for hinders their alternatives. When taking all of this into account, mankind isn’t left with many choices. However, it is clear, that that is the point.