Center for Immigration Studies’ hostility to immigration and human flourishing

The Charlotte Observer reports about a unique and little known federal immigration program that gives visas to wealthy foreign investors to invest in US projects. The EB-5 program was created in the 1990’s and only has 10,000 visas issued per year but has been a boon for developers seeking capital to make construction ideas a reality. The Observer features developer Jane Wu who used the program to attract Chinese in investors for a real estate project she wanted to build.

Simply put, the visa program consists of an investor committing to investing in enterprises in the US in exchange for a green card that can put them on a path to citizenship. When regular loans dried up as an option, foreign investment was pursued by many in which the EB-5 program demand erupted as a result. Not surprisingly, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is not too happy with the idea. Despite the EB-5 helping to encourage foreign investment, the group poo-pooed the visa plan as a way to sell green cards to the highest bidder.

CIS’s response is not altogether surprising. The Center for Immigration Studies along with NumbersUSA and Federation for American Immigration Reform are environmentalist front groups started by a retired ophthalmologist named John Tanton out of Michigan. The groups are financed in large part by a pro-Eugenics organization, the Colcom Foundation, out of Pittsburg Pennsylvania. Tanton’s groups also get donations from two other anti-immigration funding sources, one connected to Colcom, another out of New York City.

In terms of environmentalism, hostility to immigrants and immigration is the next irrational and illogical conclusion in the environmentalist movement’s multi-pronged efforts to rid the planet of mankind. CIS has gone so far as to link immigration to man-made climate change and is indicative of the overall green agenda of seeking to crush the spirit of mankind and sacrifice human beings to the needs of nature. Immigration and immigrants and an economic and cultural boon to any country wiling to take them. The economic benefits resulting from EB-5 visas are crystal clear as per The Charlotte Observer article. It is small wonder that green-oriented groups, like Center for Immigration Studies or NumbersUSA, would seek to shut down programs like the EB-5 visa program.