Study: Little difference in cage-free and non cage-free egg quality

A new study just released found little difference in egg quality when compared to eggs laid by cage-free and caged hens. The Wall Street Journal reports that while cage-free hens enjoyed higher mortality rates due to the less restrictive nature of their environment, their egg quality was no different than eggs laid by a caged hen. The research was conducted by the Coalition for a Sustainable Egg Supply in conjunction with a group of animal-health scientists, egg suppliers and McDonald’s and Sysco Foods.

Some of the research is being published in peer-viewed scientific journals but the study is the result of multiyear examinations of three hen houses on a Midwestern Farm. Not surprisingly, prior to the manuscript’s release it encountered doubt by animal rights activists> Humane Society of the US head Wayne Pacelle whined that locking hens in cages causes them suffering and that the future of egg laying is one where chickens are cage-free.

California and several other states have laws requiring larger cage space for egg-laying chickens and fast food companies that serve breakfast are turning to cage free eggs for their meals. However, cage-free is nothing more than a feel good measure and does not have any factual basis. The whole premise behind cage-free or more room for egg-laying hen laws is to drive up the price of eggs in order to discourage people not to eat them. Animal rights and other environmentalist groups support such measures in hopes of prodding people to embrace vegan or vegetarian diets. In short, environmentalists are the enlightened ones who know better than you how to live your life and will do their utmost to run it including dictating to you what kind of foods you eat.