Environmentalists sue to halt Southern CA solar facility

Environmentalists are licking their chops and sharpening their swords for an upcoming court fight. Backcountry Against Dumps (BAD) and Donna Tisdale, the group’s leader, filed a lawsuit in San Diego County court in order to prevent the construction of a solar power facility from being built. According to Courthouse News Service, the group contends that plant construction will destroy 1,185 acres of irreplaceable wildlife habitat and undeveloped open space, and replace it with industrial-scale energy development that will cut through the heart of the quiet and scenic Boulevard community,” while depleting groundwater resources, reducing agricultural land, and destroy scenic views with transmission lines supported by poles up to 150 feet tall.

While half of the proposal has been rejected by county supervisors, construction for the site itself is still slated to be built. Environmentalists contend the board used an environmental impact study that is based on weasel words, obfuscation, and unsupported assumptions to down play and manipulate Soitec’s real world impacts, that will destroy existing rural uses and community character, as well as jeopardize the habitat for many endangered plant and animal species. Another point of contention is the millions of gallons of water that will be used in order to clean the solar panels. BAD states they have been involved in the process almost from the beginning and is requesting not only for the project to be stopped but a new environmental impact study to be done.

There are multiple instances when green groups have lobbied and sued to obstruct the construction of renewable energy sources. In Scotland, one environmentalist group is campaigning to halt construction of a wind farm that will be based near Loch Ness lake alleging the wind farm will be an environmental disaster. In New York, an environmentalist group is suing to block the approval of a power plant being brought online located on the Hudson River. The facility would use natural gas as its power source but Riverkeeper alleges the plant would pose a hazard to fish. Just last month in Monterey County, California, Defenders of Wildlife in conjunction with other environmentalist groups filed objections with county officials in order to halt construction of a solar power plant that would benefit Apple Computer company.

Ultimately, the mean greenies opposed to this edifice don’t want just another impact study done, they want to shut the whole thing down. Environmentalists propose renewable energy sources (like solar and wind power) as alternatives to fossil fuels. However, as a result of this court action and demands they make the region that would be serviced by the solar farm in question still gets powered by plants that use fossil fuels. Environmentalists only suggest renewable energy as a tactical talking point since, in reality, their ultimate aim is to shut down all modern civilization in order for mankind to be reverted to the paleo era when human beings lived in caves. It is primitivism environmentalists revere and seek to drag mankind back to the dark ages as part of their plot to sacrifice mankind on the altar of their Earth mother goddess, Gaia.