“Eco-terrorism” threat made to poison New Zealand baby formula

The dairy industry is a major segment of the New Zealand economy. When an anonymous threat was made by mail to a baby formula company and trade group it was no surprise that the New Zealand government leapt into action. According to CNN, New Zealand police believe an environmentalist group was behind the intimidation attempt. Police think it was done in order to blackmail the Kimi government for its pest control policies.

The anonymous letters received in November stated that baby formulas would be contaminated with sodium fluoroacetate (aka 1080) until and unless the New Zealand government relents in using the same poison in its pest control efforts on the country’s rat and possum populations. The letters had small packages of baby formula contaminated with 1080 enclosed in order to demonstrate that the people behind the threat were serious. The NZ government wanted to wait until they were able to ascertain the seriousness of the threat. Fortunately, no contaminated baby formula was uncovered.

New Zealand has enough of a rat and possum problem that the NZ government decided to undertake such efforts to bring the populations of both species under control. As it turns out, both rodent species have nearly eradicated a bird species specific to the island. However, the fact that an anonymous eco-terrorist would do such a thing shows that the environmentalist(s) behind this plot not only want the bird species to become extinct, but they also want New Zealanders to be exposed to rats and all of the diseases and sickness they can carry.

Possums, on the other hand, are consuming New Zealand’s plant life in addition to killing birds. According to National Geographic, possums were introduced to the island nation in the nineteenth century in order to assist the fur trade there. Now they are consuming plant and other wildlife en masse. Consequently, the government decided on a pest control effort to eradicate much of the possum and rat population there. Now New Zealand is faced with a poisoning threat from an environmentalist group or person who sides with the mindless and savage rats and possums over humans.

If there was any doubt that environmentalists are anti-human let this news story and the events that lead up to it stand as the prime reason to resist green groups like PeTA and the Sierra Club. They do not have mankind’s best interests at heart, despite what they may say.