Environmentalists continue harassment of TVA nuclear plant

Federal regulators have advised the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) it’s Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant poses no threat the public. The Times Free Press advises there would be no adverse impact to the environment resulting from the NRC extending the license of the plant to operate.<br /.

The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League has been fighting the license extension stating the TVA ignored the possibility of earthquake and flooding risks similar to what happened with the Fukushima plant in Japan. The Sierra Club wants guarantees of safety due to the plant’s age if not, then it doesn’t deserve to operate. The greenies conveniently ignore the facts that the NRC and TVA state that plant operators constantly monitor the reactor’s performance.

Another case of environmentalist attempts at interference with nuclear power. Despite regulator assurances of no adverse impact to the environment, groups like the Sierra Club seek to halt a nuclear power plant from operating based on the potential of a repeat of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The TVA and NRC subject plants like this to rigorous standards to ensure good construction and stability to nuclear reactors used for bringing power to millions of households. That doesn’t matter to environmentalists despite the fact that to shut down or inhibit the use of nuclear plants who emit less carbon than those powered by nuclear fuels.