Environmentalists score another victory against American defense.

The Center for Biological Diversity and Earthjustice have revealed their ultimate goal. Not only do the groups hate humans but they also seeks to defang our nation’s military from being able to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic. The groups recently highlighted a court ruing against the United States Navy from conducting testing and training activities that could harm forms of sea wildlife and mammals. The lawsuit was geared to prevent naval exercises conducted in a designated range off the coast of San Diego’s Dana Point.

Environmentalists claim their concern is that marine mammals in areas where military tests occur will be killed or injured. Greens state they don’t want to stop the Navy from conducting their war games, just change how they are done. This is nothing more than an excuse to force the military to halt their exercises which results in the United States being unable to defend herself in times of war.

After the decision was rendered by the court, the Los Angeles Times, quoted a Navy spokesperson who stated that the military has been conducting tests in the Hawaii and Southern California ranges for over sixty years and takes great care to minimize harm to marine wildlife.

In 2012, a Native American groups sued the National Marine Fisheries Services for not protecting marine mammals from warfare training exercises conducted off the coasts of the stars of Oregon, California and Washington. Environmentalists obviously don’t want the United States to be prepare to defend herself from attacks or be prepared should the Navy be needed to do just that. Their want of protecting wildlife from bombs and gun shots is a smoke screen grounded in Marxist theory of imperialism except it is aggression against sea creatures and other forms of marine life.