Wool industry on the defense after PeTA anti-wool campaign

By now many of you may have seen People for the Extortion, Terror and Abuse (PeTA) of human beings’ latest campaign, this time the group is attacking the wool industry. PeTA decided to run an add that has made its way around social media with musician Jona Weinhoffen holding a bloodied and battered sheep with the caption HERE’S THE REST OF YOUR WOOL COAT.

As a result of the advertisement, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports the wool industry is also taking to social media to answer and refute the charges made by PeTA about the treatment of sheep used for wool. The Wool Producer trade group CEO Jo Hall started her industry is continuously improving the welfare of sheep but admitted they needed to do a better job of informing people of that. Both Jo Hall and wool producers Clive and his wife Margaret Smith were aggravated at accusations made by PeTA against their industry which are based on nothing but lies.

The wool industry isn’t just making life better for the sheep they use but are also heavily regulated. No producer of any meat product much less one who uses animals for their hair or wool for even slaughters them for their meat would want to knowingly have their animals mistreated. Damaged goods lead not only to lower profits but also a bad reputation. PeTA and other animal rights groups exploit the public’s sentiment towards animals since for animal abuse to take place people see it as the weak dominating the strong.

The true intent of animal rights groups is not to preserve and protect animals from abuse but is another front in the environmentalist movement’s attack on human beings. By attacking human use of animals for food or even wool is to attack mankind’s ability not only mankind’s sustenance but (in the case of wool) to clothe people as well.