Animal “rights” thugs assault British hunt master

Animal rights extremists decided to try to disturb a hunt in England that took place over the course of a day recently. However, according to Breitbart, when the beagles used were back in their kennels, the hunt master had a run in with the animal rights group’s activists who assaulted him with an iron bar and then kicked when he fell to the ground and spat upon him.

Though violence involving anti-hunting groups is rare, apparently intimidation is a regular occurrence at British hunting events to the point where lives can be put at risk. The activists attempted on numerous occasions to disrupt the hunt throughout the day including spraying the dogs with citronella which is a chemical that leaves an unpleasant smell for dogs. Photos of the incident can be seen here.

These thugs were violent toward humans but, fortunately, events such as this are not as frequent as they once were. There are exceptions and when it occurs it is brutal. The reverence for animals even to the point of religiosity is the reason why the activists became violent. Since animal rights activists value animal lives over humans they care little about human life as the British hunt master found out.