Texas hunter receives death threats for Namibia excursion

Corey Knowlton paid $350,000 to hunt a black rhino in the African country in Namibia. The permit for Knowlton to do so was auctioned by the Dallas Safari Club and issued by Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism. CNN reports the hunter spent the past year preparing for the excursion and when news of it was brought to light not only was he publicly scolded for it but he also received death threats as well.

Despite the negative publicity, Corey Knowlton went to Namibia anyway and also gave CNN permission to film his hunting excursion. He is of the conviction that his hunt is vital for the survival of the rare rhino species. Namibia identified a certain number of black rhinos out of the 2000 in country that they tagged to be hunted. Had they not been taken out the rhinos would pose a danger to the survival of the species.

To ensure Corey Knowlton does abide by the terms of the permit, he is accompanied by Hentie van Heerden. Van Heerden was not only hired by the Namibian government to monitor and assist with the hunt but is also an experienced Safari hunter and native of the country. The events surrounding Corey Knowlton’s hunt are very interesting to say the least and CNN has published a day-by-day report of the events leading up to the eventual kill.

Not surprisingly, animal rights groups are totally opposed to the event. One group, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), stated that such a notion that hunting contributes to conservation of species is bankrupt. The group says it will join with PETA in a lawsuit to stop the issuance of such hunting permits and the importation of the carcases of animals hunted overseas. Black rhino populations, however, have increased thanks mainly to African communities taking stops to halt poachers.

It should be noted that Namibia identified eighteen rhinos out of the population of 2000 that met the standards to be hunted and killed. Out of the eighteen four were given top priority to be taken out and Corey Knowlton took out one of the top four. There maybe other efforts that do not involve killing that can be made to preserve rare species like the black rhino. But the fact that Corey Knowlton is publicly scolded, threatened with death and his reasons for his hunt is belittled goes to show the moral bankruptcy of his critics. Especially groups like IFAW and PETA.

The rhino he took out would be of no benefit to the rhino species. According to CNN the black rhino in question is no longer viable to mate and its presence could harm or even kill younger members of its black rhino herd. Corey Knowlton’s payment of the permit will also go to fund Namibian anti-poaching efforts as well. The animal rights groups would rather younger members of endangered species be sacrificed for the life of a species member that adds no benefit to its kind. Consequently, not only are conservation efforts hampered but the skill of hunting is further diminished. For your enjoyment, below is the video report CNN did on this story.