Microbeads in waterways, and fish, oh my!

I really have to get caught up on my news. I had no idea how much of a problem microbeads are for the environment. I mean, the fact that The New York Times reports that California is on the verge of banning them should be indication that microbeads need to be outlawed. It makes no sense for beauty product makers continue to use them since they can pollute waterways and even end up in fish and other animal bowels like environmentalists point out, right?

I mean I can only imagine the horror of walking on a trail in a California state park and end up seeing it littered with nothing but microbeads. I would absolutely lose sleep over the fact that they could be in the rivers and streams I could swim in or end up in the fish I eat. I could be poisoned or choke on them had California not banned this latest scourge of Mother Nature. Even though the producers tried to make them out of biodegradable products environmentalists allege they don’t break down has to be true, right? They wouldn’t lie, would they? Even about such an awful threat to our ecosystem such as microbeads. They could be anywhere at anytime and, by golly, they need to be stopped!

San Andreas Fault could be polluted with microbeads that could some how end up sinking in it. Those things could then start an earthquake or produce poisons due to their exposure to a wildfire’s heat that could asphyxiate us all! I feel so much better that they will be banned. Women don’t need to look great with them as they can find other things to wear. Like Star Trek’s Mr. Spock said, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one. But, then again, Captain Kirk then said the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

In any event, it is a moral imperative to pass a law outlawing microbeads. This is a scourge that cannot stand since women should not rely on such things to make themselves pretty. I mean, beauty is only skin deep anyway. Isn’t it?