The symbolism behind New York’s “lights out”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced his state’s participation in the Audubon Society’s Lights Out program. The effort is allegedly geared to assist night-flying migratory birds who use the stars as a means of navigation. The Audubon Society states that city lights disorient birds since the starlight they use to navigate on their migratory flights is drowned out. The Governor has ordered all state-owned and managed buildings to shut off all non essential lights for a total of five months out of the year. State agencies will be encouraged to make similar adjustments to light usage.

The symbolism behind this even isn’t just to urge politicians to take action to save migratory birds from harm but, in addition to Earth Hour, demonstrates environmentalism’s hatred of industrialization and civilization. Shutting off the lights for migratory birds shows that the State of New York will sacrifice the lives of humans to live in the dark with little to no electricity or the conveniences that fossil fuels enable us to have. The best example of what I am talking about is a satellite photo of the Korean peninsula. In it, you see the wealthy, industrialized and prosperous South Korea all lit up while the poor, stagnant North Korea is dark. If environmentalists have their way, they will revert mankind to the Dark Ages.


2 thoughts on “The symbolism behind New York’s “lights out”

    • For New York State to shut off its building lights is “for the birds” (pun intended). It is the state putting the lives of birds above its citizens. That is the symbolism of this act. It won’t make a bit of difference to the birds what lights are shut off at state buildings but the greens like this kind of stuff because for them any semblance of political wins leads to political control.


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