Protest held outside Phoenix mosque

A mosque in Phoenix, Arizona was the subject of a protest yesterday. The event drew hundreds of people and, fortunately, no one was hurt since a hacker with the Islamic group ISIS called for violence to be conducted at the protest. Reuters reports people on both sides yelled and screamed obscenities at each other. The protesters of the mosque have good reason to be concerned. One article published at PJ Media points out the Imam of the Phoenix mosque lied about his knowledge of the two men who went to Garland, Texas to shoot and kill at the Draw Muhammed event in Garland, Texas last month. The Arizona Republic reported last month that the Phoenix mosque is a long standing, familiar target of the FBI too.

What is also unfortunate is that the protest’s organizer, Jon Ritzheimer, who is a former US Marine has to go into hiding due to death threats he received. The controversy surrounding this is over the drawing of a parody of Mohammed and Ritzheimer is right that seeking to kill someone for criticizing Islam is a form of tyranny. The people protesting for the mosque actually help what Islam stands for by default since by condemning the protesters they also seek to inhibit or stop criticism of the faith which helps it spread. Below is a video of Phoenix Fox News’ interview with him. Hopefully, this protest will spark other people to continue to speak the truth about what Islam truly is: a political ideology with a spiritual element.


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      • This second part of his quote is proof that Ritzheimer’s protest has less to do with freedom of expression and more to do with his hatred and intolerance of Islam.

        It’s also indicative of his arrogance: this avowed atheist will show us the true colors of Islam?


      • He maybe intolerant of Islam but he has not said anything in any of the statements I have read or interviews with him I have seen expressing a hatred of Muslims. If Ritzheimer is the one who will show us the true colors of Islam he is one of few people willing to do it. One ex-Muslim Bosch Fawstin is a cartoonist and won the Garland, Texas event award. Fawstin is an Objectivist and has been very outspoken against his former religion just as much as Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Fawstin and Ali have had their lives threatened like the protesters at this event as did Ritzheimer and the attendees of the mosque protest. The Imam in charge of the mosque was revealed to have lied about his associations with the Texas jihadist gunmen and how active they were in the congregation. That should tell you something about what might be going on in that mosque and the Imam’s not contacting the FBI or police to put a stop to it.


    • Islam is a religion that should be hated and not tolerated. It is not the same as being intolerant of or hating Muslims. I am anti-religion (including and especially Islam along with environmentalism) but I do not hate the religion’s followers. The ones I do hate are the ones who kill in their religion’s name or because they followed their religion or god’s commands to kill. The fact is Islam has a well developed doctrine justifying and even mandating its followers kill non believers or people outside their faith. Including and especially Jews. This on top of the execution of gays and the mistreatment if not outright abuse of women. Do you think that a religion and the deity associated with it that calls for all of this should be tolerated? To that I also say “Fuck Islam”.


  1. not much of this should be validated with a response. the origin of my argument holds: the Phoenix protest had less to do with defending the first amendment than it did with expressing hatred of Islam. For me, it’s this facade that i oppose. It’s a form of cowardice to hide behind some patriotic ideal when the true nature of the engagement is to express hatred.


    • Hatred of what? Hatred of the way the religion’s endorsement of killing people who aren’t a member of the Islamic tribe? Or maybe its the religion’s condemnation of homosexuals and gays who are executed in Islamic countries? How about the death sentence Islam places on people who become atheists, Christians, Jews or another religion altogether? The Phoenix protest was a demonstration that people should not have to live in fear out of hurting someone’s sensibilities because their religion or something they decided to personalize is insulted. To that I say they accomplished their mission and also exposed the hatred Islam’s defenders (like you) actually help jihadists in their quest to destroy the West and our way of life.


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