PETA harasses Florida monkey farm

PETA states it has obtained a video of abuse at a Hendry County, Florida monkey farm Primate Products. The News Press states video allegedly shows a man with a blurred face sticking his gloved finger into the monkey and then bouncing it around. A PETA worker allegedly went undercover for eight months in order to illegally gather the footage. The group also alleges that the monkey’s cage conditions are abhorrent in which the video shows the monkeys in unclean cages.

Fortunately, Primate Product president (who is also a veterinarian) Jeff Rowell weighed in stating that the video content is taken out of context. The News Press quotes him saying:

For example, scenes of damp, manure-strewn enclosures were filmed first thing in the morning. “They film at 7:30 in the morning, then they claim the animals are living in filthy conditions,” Rowell said. “Well of course the cage looks its worst at 7:30 in the morning. Trust me; those cages are cleaned every day. It’s all about the context.”

He admits other scenes, though, clearly depict problems, such as the technician using a dry finger to push in the monkey’s prolapsed rectum, commonly caused by the stress of captivity “I was shocked by it too,” Rowell said. “Now was he intentionally tormenting that animal? No. Did he have evil intentions? Absolutely not. Did he not know what he was doing? Absolutely. He thought he was doing the right thing, but that doesn’t make it right. And that doesn’t absolve him or the organization of responsibility for how that animal is treated.”

As for the scenes of monkeys with open or sutured wounds mingling in cages with others, “There are a number of animals that are treated in their cages,” Rowell said, “because separating from the group can be added stress …With that said, there are opportunities to improve on our program — and we are determined to do just that.”

PETA, of course, doubts Rowell’s sincerity and its very possible Primate Products might be fined by the USDA for violations. But this is not being done by animal rights activists to save the lives of monkeys but to attack human beings since the monkeys in question are used to lab testing. Henry County. Florida is home to a number of farms who raise animals for usage in laboratory experiments. By undermining and shutting down animal farms laboratory experiments that need to use animals can’t be conducted which, in turn, hinders the development of life-saving therapies and medicines and results in human deaths and PETA and fellow animal rights activists helped make it happen.