EPA close to shutting down aircraft industry

Bloomberg reports that the EPA is close to making a decision with regards to regulating aircraft emissions in its quest to reduce greenhouse gasses to combat global warming. It is said that the agency will issue a decision sometime this month. Environmentalist groups petitioned the agency in 2007 to take action in which the EPA determined in 2009 that greenhouse gases were a danger to public health when it issued rules on vehicle fuel-economy standards and carbon emissions related to coal-fired power plants.

Environmentalist groups are hopeful the EPA will issue new rules and have been lobbying the agency to issue standards to allegedly help combat global warming. There is concern, however, that the EPA’s regulations may not be tough enough. One airline lobbying group is urging the agency’s bureaucrats to adopt the International Civil Aviation Organization global emissions goals.

If the EPA enacts stringent rules on airline emissions it could very well mean air travel will be severely curtailed. The effects of such regulations are being seen with coal-fired power plants which are sitting down due to actions on the EPA’s part to make it harder for them to operate. The same can also occur with airlines. This wouldn’t just affect vacation and business travel but also vital shipments such as those geared toward shipping food.

It is also said the EPA seeks a forty percent increase in fuel economy standards. According to The New York Times not only will the new standards add an additional $12,000 to $14,000 to the cost of a truck but further burden the trucking industry. These new rules aren’t about protecting the environment but destroying jobs and industry. We depend on various modes of transportation and the energy sources used to fuel them in order to make our lives better. New aircraft and vehicle emission standards will stifle our economy and make it harder for people to afford air travel and vehicles. Not only do environmentalists want oil and coal to remain in the ground but they want to force everyone except them to remain on the ground.