Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for truck fires

At 3am Sunday in west Mississauga firefighters responded to a call for a fire resulting from arson in a Canada industrial area that also resulted in two trucks in the area set ablaze. The Mississauga Press states Police are investigating an anonymous tip that the incident was intentionally set by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) in which the trucks belonged to Harlan Laboratories. Harlan is owned by Huntington Life Sciences in which the company supplies Huntington with animals and food to feed them that are used in laboratory experiments. The eco-terrorist group’s online press office later claimed responsibility. This done, according to ALF, in order to disrupt the transport of animals for medical tests.

These self-described animal lovers do not love animals but, in reality, hate humans. The destruction of human life and civilization is the Animal Liberation Front and other animal rights activist’s ultimate goal. Since by ending medical testing on animals resulting from their false propaganda and sabotage campaigns like this means fewer medicines and other life saving medical treatments would be available to extend and enhance human life. Animal rights activists are not visionaries seeking fairness but are nothing more than nihilists seeking to destroy for destruction’s sake. Only man has the ability of deliberation and choice and with that comes the means to deal with others of our species through rational persuasion. Animals are devoid of any such capabilities. Yet groups like ALF and PETA really side with the savagery of the animal kingdom over the civilization of mankind.