Environmentalists seek illness outbreak in Cyprus

With World Environment Day on Friday, Cypriot environmentalists used the occasion to demonize plastic bag use. The Cyprus Mail states the Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development (IESD) used the occasion to pitch for their latest campaign We say no to plastic bags. The group held an awareness event in Nicosia to tell people about the evils of plastic bags.

IESD head, Maria Dodou, states the island country is being called upon by the EU to come up with ways to reduce plastic bag usage citing a recent study alleging every Cypriot uses 125 plastic bags per year. She further alleges that plastic bags are harmful for the environment, human health and the economy since the bags end up on landfills where they are burned at a incinerator which, in turn, contribute to harmful fumes pumped into the atmosphere.

However, Dodou is obviously ignorant of the results of a study released in 2012 on municipalities that had bans on plastic bags turned up some startling results. It was conducted by Jonathan Klick of University of Pennsylvania Law School and the Property and Environment Research Center and Joshua D. Wright of the George Mason University School of Law. The two researchers found a correlation between increased emergency room visits and even deaths in places with plastic bag bans in which foodborne bacteria like coliform and E.coli as the reason for the increases. A report done by the Association for Food Protection discovered that in many cases shoppers rarely washed the bags which means increases in food borne illnesses and even deaths. Even Jonathan Klick one of the before mentioned study’s researchers noticed the same thing.

If increased sickness or deaths related to food borne illness come to municipalities that ban or restrict plastic bag use you know who and what is ultimately responsible. The fact that environmentalists and think tanks (like IESD) created based on green philosophy and their personnel’s cognitive dissonance of studies clearly demonstrating the effects of plastic bag bans demonstrates their outright evil intent. It is clear that attempts to scold people for using plastic bags (like in the case of Cyprus), requiring new fees or outright bans on plastic bags contributes to the spread of illness. What better way to help rid the Earth of a few more human beings by trying to modify people’s behavior? In order to make people re-use plastic bags they know shoppers are unlikely to clean and can carry food borne sicknesses that can spread among the populace resulting in serious illness or even death.