GM Food – Cultivating Fear

BBC broadcast an excellent documentary Monday entitled Cultivating Fear that reports not just on genetically modified foods (GMO’s) but the scare campaigns on the part of environmentalist groups that attempt to halt production and distribution of them. In the program you see the show’s host, Tom Heap, press UK Greenpeace representatives on why they oppose the production and even consumption of genetically modified foods. Greenpeace representatives get defensive when asked by Heap for evidence to back up their assertions. You also see environmentalists, like Mark Lynas and Stephen Tindale, interviewed who have the integrity not only to change their minds on biotechnological foods but also speak out against opposition to them.

This program presents both sides of the GMO debate but, rightly, punctures holes in many myths told about them. Ultimately, the GMO controversy entails environmentalist group, like Greenpeace, who are anti-human to the point where they seek to restrict the food supply. They mask their lies and scaremongering about GMO’s by demanding absolute certainty in which the end result is human deaths from starvation.