NY group files fracking proposal despite ban

Some interesting news out of New York state. A proposal to frack natural gas using gelled propane and sand was filed in Tioga County, New York by the Snyder Group who is associated with Tioga Energy Partners, LLC. The company also filed an application with the State Department of Environmental Conservation too. USA Today reports that this comes despite Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ban on fracking declared at the end of June. Toga Energy Partners points out the Governor’s ban covered high-volume hydraulic fracturing which is not what Tioga will be doing. Consequently, since Tioga Energy’s drilling technique does not involve high-volume fracking, fortunately that places Tioga Energy and Snyder Group out of the jurisdiction of New York’s ban.

According to USA Today:

The Snyder group is a collection of five Tioga County farm families who have leased land for natural gas development. The group is seeking to develop a 53-acre natural gas well in Halsey Valley, which is in the Town of Barton, Tioga County — about 25 miles south of Ithaca and 30 miles east of Elmira.

The article also reveals what is involved in Tioga Energy Partners’ drilling technique:

Tioga Energy Partners said it would use gelled propane and sand to hydraulically fracture Marcellus Shale and release natural gas.

“What the state studied, and eventually decided to ban, was the use of high volumes of water for fracturing purposes,” Schultz said. “This process that we are proposing doesn’t use any water, the fracturing takes place using liquified petroleum gas.”

As a result of this proposal, town and county officials will see an uptick on tax revenue and the drilling activity will contribute to jobs and economic growth, respectfully. Fortunately, Governor Cuomo’s fracking ban did not cover the drilling method Tioga Energy Partners will utilize when tapping the Utica Shale formation.

Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ban on fracking by executive action, New York’s Southern Tier has been devastated. Regardless of the harm Cuomo’s ban caused, environmentalists cheered Cuomo’s decision. Environmentalism is about destroying any and all human activities that benefit mankind in some way. Yet environmentalists for all of their hemming and hawing about fracking seem to be silent about this latest development. I am glad, however, that the manner of fracking Tioga Energy Group is using is not affected by Cuomo’s ban. Extracting the fossil fuels from the Utica Shale will be of great value not just to the town they will operate in but to New York as a whole.