Environmentalists finally accept fracking …. NO WAIT!

Some kinda, sorta good news out of Pennsylvania. Since, in theory, environmentalists have lost their battles against fracking, the Pittsburg Tribune-Review reports that some green groups have expressed an interest in working with the oil and gas industry to regulate, rather than ban, hydraulic fracturing. This despite many so-called hardline groups who continue to push for fracking bans, some of which have been successfully implemented. The article points out that a schism in the environmentalist movement exists where (in theory) one set of groups is willing to be pragmatic while another not.

But if one actually looks at the overall records of the groups that are now coming to the table, you can see that they aren’t compromising at all. For example, the Tribune states that the Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, Earthworks, Penn Environment, Clean Water Action and Penn Future are the groups have decided to negotiate rather than fight. However, in 2012 The Denver Post uncovered evidence that the Sierra Club of Colorado ended up actively opposing natural gas fracking in Colorado despite initially supporting the drilling method and using the fossil fuel as an energy source. The green group’s opposition to fracking in Colorado continues even to this day.

Environmentalist ethics are grounded in intrinsicism that extends to all aspects of existence. Basically, greens value nature for nature’s sake and their tactics are right out of the Left’s playbook of you deal with them or you deal with me. The green movement has groups that play both sides of the fence. In this case the Sierra Club negotiates with politicians and business groups while organizations such as Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace oppose it. Then the Sierra Club are approached by politicians or business leaders since they are seen as reasonable. The Sierra Club then works to get more of their goals enacted into law and they point to Greenpeace and the recent activities they have undertaken to shame oil and gas companies for fracking as to what will happen if Sierra Club doesn’t get what they want. In short, it is a good cop, bad cop con game.

The end of any environmentalist opposition to activities, like fracking, should be seen as a change of tactics and not surrender. Just like in any religion, moderates help radicals since the end goal is the subjugation of man. In this situation, it is the sacrifice mankind to the needs of nature by destroying the means of extracting fossil fuel energy sources that make our lives better.