How environmental law destroyed two of Canada’s fishing industries

I wanted to do a follow up post in order to add to what Dr. Tim Bell wrote about in his guest column on Wattsupwiththat? I looked into what he states about the governments of Newfoundland and Labrador restricting cod and trout fishing in those two Canadian provinces.

In both cases, the governments of Newfoundland and Labrador blamed humans for a downturn in the Salmon and Cod populations. And in both cases the fish populations seemed like they depleted but, in reality, just went to other areas as part of their natural migrations. The only thing is, the fish went to places where fishing was banned as per Newfoundland and Labrador provincial law implemented during the 90’s. As Dr. Bell points out, when the regulations severely curtailing fishing in Newfoundland were enacted, the oil drilling going on then at the time saved the province’s economy but only masked the effects of Newfoundland’s severe fishing quotas.

According to a 1995 Chicago Tribune article, because of Canada’s fishing rules, it threw hundreds of fishermen out of work. In the meantime, Spanish fishing vessels were able to take advantage not only of enhanced fishing stocks due to a lack of Canadian fishing but the increased cold water that the fish migrated to resulting from changing weather patterns that Dr. Bell points out in his commentary.

Yet another environmental policy gone amok. The worst part about it is that the politicians would not relent on their fishing quotas even though the evidence was there that cod and trout migrated to other areas as per their natural migrations and that the temperature of the water changed which made the trips for fish desirable for them. Instead, the people affected by New Foundling and Labrador fishing rules were retrained in provincial job training programs yet multiple villages were abandoned and lives severely ruined or changed due to environmental law. Environmental law is a reflection of the movement that spawned, a means to creatively destroy that which is productive and beneficial for human survival and flourishing.