Former Jimmy Carter staffer: Shoot Republicans to protect animals and environment

Well I guess someone had to come right out and say it. Former Jimmy Carter staffer Ronald Windsor Vincent posted a vile, but very telling, essay on his blog outlining what he thinks is a good way to preserve the environment and animals: shoot Republicans. If he decides to change or removes the post, here is the meat of the text in case any of you have any doubts:

The enemy of animals and the environment is capitalism. And capitalism is the status quo. It is defended by Republicans and conservatives.

Republican leaders are shills for Wall Street, the Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Agriculture, and multinational corporations. They support cruel animal agriculture practices, corporate welfare, tax cuts for corporations and millionaires. They oppose clean air and clean water regulations, oppose restrictions on drilling, mining, and clearcutting. They support bribery of candidates and public officials, unlimited money in politics, and believe money is free speech.

For animal activists who believe that animals have as much right to live as do humans, the lives of those who consume animals are expendable. Expendable because any animal which requires the suffering and deaths of other animals is expendable. Predators are expendable. So are humans who think they are. And one would be hard pressed to find many vegans among Republicans or conservatives. While the odd exception can be found among party members, not a single Republican leader anywhere in the country is vegan. Not a single Republican legislator, governor, or Member of Congress.

If humans who consume animals are antithetical to the interests of animals, humans who actually implement and support terror against animals are so much worse. A single uncaring human may account for several hundred animals losing their lives each year, active Republican and conservatives voters are enabling the Animal Holocaust. They are exterminating animals on federal lands by Wildlife Services (an arm of the Department of Agriculture which operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the cattle industry), they are rounding up horses and sending them to slaughter, they are expanding hunting and trapping, they are paying subsidies to Big Ag and corporate welfare to enemies of animals and the environment, they support destruction of the environment by Big Oil, clearcutting of rainforests, pollution of the air and oceans by industry in the name of profit, and are oblivious to the affect of climate change upon the planet.

If we were to start shooting Republicans, we would likely not harm a single friend of animals or the environment. Of course, such a course of action would be inadvisable. It would land us in prison and galvanize public opinion against the movement.

But you get the point. Republicans and conservatives are the enemy. They are expendable. [They] will be targets in the Revolution when it comes.

One has only to review the misery, suffering, cruelty, and horrors of the Animal Holocaust to appreciate the justice of taking out those responsible. Nine billion animals are slaughtered in the US every year. Nine billion victims of Republicans and conservatives who support Big Agriculture and the slaughter industries. Nine billion animals who wished to live just as you and I do. Animals who stood in slaughter lines terrified. Who watched the blood of their fellows run on the killing floors, who heard their fellows scream in fear and pain.

I mention Republicans and conservatives, but the enemy is all in the human race who do not care.

In my view, the animals need a massive depopulation of the human race.

It may come in revolution, in climate disasters, in pandemics. But it must come.

The Earth cannot survive the human race, which for all practical purposes is a parasitic life form which annihilates other species, pollutes the air and oceans, and is responsible for climate change and the next mass extinction of hundreds of thousands of species.

If it were up to me, we’d start by eliminating Republicans.

Windsor is another collectivist claiming to be protector of the environment. The last country that collectivized environmental protection and resources was the USSR. Once care of the environment is placed under the jurisdiction of the State, the natural world and useful idiots, like Windsor, get ground up into little pieces in the name of the greater good.

As far as Windsor’s blog post, his words are indicative of someone who has swallowed the environmentalist Kool Aid wholesale. What struck me the most was this part of his essay that says:

The Earth cannot survive the human race, which for all practical purposes is a parasitic life form which annihilates other species, pollutes the air and oceans, and is responsible for climate change and the next mass extinction of hundreds of thousands of species.

Never mind that there have been many species that have become extinct in the planet’s history. Even present day endangered species that were thought extinct, like the bald eagle, have recovered. Humans are part of the environment and we are carbon-based life forms like animals. As a species we have a moral right to bend nature so we can live, survive and even thrive. None the less, when someone like Windsor envisions a revolution where his opponents are shot, it begs the question: if his revolution comes about, which side does Windsor think has more guns?

5 thoughts on “Former Jimmy Carter staffer: Shoot Republicans to protect animals and environment

  1. Scientists believe we have entered the Sixth Mass Extinction. Species are now disappearing at a rate 100 times that which is normal. A chilling statistic is that half of all life on Earth has disappeared in the past 40 years, a blink of an eye in geological timescale, whichcan be laid squarely at the feet of capitalism.

    Your assertion that humans have the moral right to exploit nature is no more than the attitude that might makes right. If we have the power to do something, we justify doing it. Morality is a human invention, which coincidentally, favors humans.

    Your assertion that the USSR was an example of the state assuming responsiility for the environment ignores the fact that the USSR was run by industrial socialists who were as oblivious to the environment as are today’s capitalists.


    • Nonsense! The Six Mass Extinction is another way to blame humans for planetary problems like human-caused global warming. Your assertion about the USSR is just another way to downplay the effects of central planning and to white wash communism. If it happens again, hope you enjoy being ground up in the machinery you helped support.

      To “exploit” the actual definition is a “striking or notable deed”, “a heroic act”. It is certainly heroic and moral to exploit Earth’s resources (including animals) in order for mankind to benefit. It does not mean mindless self indulgence is permissible but as history has shown thanks to industrialization and property rights our air is cleaner and our environment is better than ever. Nice try!


      • Yes. Our species depends on reason in order to survive and a result of that is to bend nature so we have the necessities and even luxuries in order to live and survive.

        Like I said, the dictionary states the word “exploit” means: “a striking or notable deed; feat; spirited or heroic act.”


      • The heroism involved are the creations and innovations resulting from people being able to use their minds to create inventions (like the combustion engine) and tapping energy sources (like fossil fuels).


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