Greenpeace threatens Walmart with harassment over seafood policy

Greenpeace has released a report entitled Carting Away the Oceans (aka CATO) that rates supermarkets that are up to the group’s sustainable seafood standards. Fish Info Services (FIS) states the paper praises Whole Foods, Wegmans, Hy-Vee and Safeway while condemning Roundy’s, Publix, A&P and Save Mart. Costco and Target offer their own brand of seafood that is considered sustainable, but Wal Mart, Kroger, Albertsons (now Albertsons-Safeway), Publix, Delhaize and Meijer do not offer the seafood Greenpeace is looking for. The FIS article quotes Greenpeace senior ocean campaigner David Lipinsky as saying:

Retailers must do their part to protect both the oceans and the workers that provide seafood.

That sounds simple enough until you not only read the last few paragraphs of the findings the article that states:

As part of the NGO’s campaign, on 25 July, Greenpeace activists will hold a day of action at Wal Mart stores across the country. The activists will engage customers and demand that the world’s largest retailer clean up its act on sustainable, socially responsible seafood.

In other words, Greenpeace is going to harass Walmart in order to force the retail giant to do their part just like they harassed Amazon, Twitter, and Apple. That goes for any other company that does not do the group’s bidding. Since they cannot make their case logically, environmentalist groups resort to harassment and intimidation to achieve their aims. This should also tell you something about so-called sustainable seafood too. If environmentalist organizations, like Greenpeace, are correct in their claims about seafood policy then they should not need to resort to strong arm tactics.