Two animal “rights” terrorists apprehended after nation-wide vandalism rampage

Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane traveled 40,000 miles in a Honda FIT and performed a number of acts of vandalism as part of an anti-fur campaign the two undertook. Across Pennsylvania, Oregon and six other states, Reuters states the couple vandalized residences, vehicles, stores and farms that had links to the meat and fur industries resulting thousands of dollars in damage. According to an unsealed indictment filed Friday in a San Diego federal court, during their spree the two also released a number of animals, such as minks and even bragged about their efforts on animal rights websites too.

Fortunately the two were caught and, if convicted, face up to 10 years in prison along with up to $250,000 in fines. Unlike humans, animals survive by predatory instincts and sense perception. They also lack any sense of morality and the animal rights movement takes after that ethic. The campaign these two undertook is a reflection of the nihilistic, immoral basis of animal rights where any sense of right and wrong is wiped away in the minds of people who support it.