Two eco-terrorists arrested for logging company sabotage

Three people were arrested in connection with vandalism of logging equipment that took place in south Ouachita Parish, Louisiana last week. Joshua Jurca, 22, and Rhonda Barnes, 21 and a thirteen-year old boy were booked on charges of felony criminal damage. According to The News Star, investigators state the three allegedly broke into a logging site July 11th and 12th and conducted massive amounts of vandalism.

Hydraulic hoses on a John Deere loader were cut, the windshield and gauges on a logging truck were smashed along with dirt being poured into the truck’s gas tank and engine block. Vehicle maintenance fluids were poured all over the ground and on a bulldozer, tools from a work truck were scattered over the area.

The couple who did this obviously manipulated the thirteen year old to help them in some way and news reports do not say if they belonged to an environmentalist group. However, this kind of sabotage has the hallmarks of such an effort like the couple arrested for their cross country vandalism spree against facilities and employees of businesses associated with the meat industry.