Greenpeace threatens war in British fracking controversy

Greenpeace has made statements that are tantamount to threatening to go to war against Great Britain’s recent policy to fast track allowing for fracking to take place around the island country. The UK’s Business Reporter states Great Britain’s government has decided to open up the nation’s countryside for hydraulic fracturing. This after licenses were issued for companies to explore for oil and gas shales located in 27 areas in northern England and the Midlands. More permits are expected to be handed out to cover the western, south coast and eastern parts of the country pending environmental impact studies.

This policy coming on the heels of the UK Conservative Party’s recent election victory has spurned British Tories to scrap green energy sources (like wind and solar power) for fossil fuel production. Energy Minister Lord Nicholas Bourne made the case that onshore oil and gas production, coupled with a secure advancement of the share gas industry would mean more economic growth and safe, dependable energy reserves.

“Keeping the lights on and powering the economy is not negotiable, and these industries will play a key part in providing secure and reliable energy to UK homes and businesses for decades to come,” he said.

With this announcement Greenpeace condemned the action by stating: This is the starting gun to the fight for the future of our countryside.

Hundreds of battles will spring up to defend our rural landscapes from the pollution, noise and drilling rigs that come with fracking.

A representative of Friends of the Earth also condemned the fracking policy saying that it will result in anger and backlash by local people who will oppose drilling.

While it remains to be seen what kind of tactics will be used in environmentalist efforts to block or restrict fracking, if history is any guide green groups will most likely seek to rile up local residents claiming a conspiracy on the part of England’s government and fossil fuel companies to pollute local resident’s water and air along with unsubstantiated claims of fracking causing a variety illnesses.

At least this is a political war and not yet physical. However, I would not put it past Greenpeace to enlist the help of saboteurs if greens start losing the wider war they have declared against fracking and fossil fuels in England. The fact that the group has made what is tantamount to a war declaration should be of concern to anyone.