Aussie environmentalists use Yakka Skink to destroy the poor in India

Environmentalists groups in Australia halted a $20 Billion mine mine project resulting in thousands of Australian families being thrown out of work while 100 million Indians are left in poverty. Another green group, the Environmental Defender’s Office (EDO) in Sydney, New South Wales used taxpayer’s money to stop this huge Queensland mining project. EDO operated through the Mackay Conservation Group in Queensland and used a reptile, the Yakka Skink, in order to stop the mine on environmental grounds.

Had it been approved, this project would have employed thousands families in Queensland and millions of desperately poor Indians would have been lifted out of extreme poverty and disease. The Indians benefiting from this project could have had their first taste of civilization – real electrical power to enable them to live in pollution-free homes. The environmentalists, on the other hand, are proud of their actions; claiming that they are Saving the Planet from a climate disaster. Another reminder that environmentalism is an anti-industrial movement that reveres the primitive.