German animal “rights” activists call for end to “cruel” cow bells

As a boy growing up in a small farming community I distinctly remember while visiting and even passing by farmlands that had cows that the animals had bells around their necks. The UK Daily Mail states that the German Animal Protection Federation (GAPF) wants to replace cow bells with GPS devices.

The group cites a scientific manuscript conducted by researchers at the Federal Technical University in Switzerland published in June. The study states cow behavior is disturbed by the bells they wear. Consequently, GAPF is going to pursue demanding a banning of the bells. Fortunately, the Bavarian government and its tourist board have vowed to fight it.

Allgäu Alps Farmers’ Association chairman Franz Hange called the activist’s insistence total nonsense and went on to say that the practice is a part of our identity. This goes to show that animal rights activists will use any attempt and a scientific study to try to control other people and is an underhanded attempt to drive up the cost of using cows for meat and their milk for dairy products. However, a more impressive move would be for GAPF to offer to pay out of pocket to replace cowbells with GPS units. You notice that they don’t?