Australian environmentalists accused of sabotaging shark nets

Fourteen times in the past five years environmentalist activists have vandalized New South Wales nets used to keep sharks out of waters for Australian beaches. The Daily Telegraph says this has not only resulted in lost nets but leaving beaches temporarily unprotected from sharks during the spring to summer seasons.

The Daily Telegraph‘s investigation revealed that hundreds of sharks of three different species had been caught in the nets environmentalists oppose that have prevented deaths and injuries to beachgoers. Surprisingly the paper uncovered evidence of sabotage of the nets that put swimmers lives at risk. There have been no deaths related to shark attacks in over 50 years and the nets have ensured safe waters for swimmers for almost 80 years. Not surprisingly, environmentalists oppose the nets.

Most likely the greens oppose the nets not only due to they are a manner for people to bend nature for human betterment, but it is also abundantly clear that the underlying goal is for humans to be seriously injured or killed resulting from shark attacks. In light of this story out of Australia, let any chuckles or laughs of sarcasm on the part of readers at my previous accusations that environmentalists hate humans and seek more human contacts with animals (like bears or wolves) as a means to rid the planet of people that this is another way greens seek to kill people off be allayed.

The fact that, as The Daily Telegraph points out, greens intentionally seek to remove nets that make waters for Australian swimmers safe from shark attacks is proof enough of environmentalist’s seeking to use animal attacks (in this case sharks) to kill off human beings.