Labor Day movie suggestion: “Thunder Bay”

Since this is Labor Day weekend I hope many of you are taking the time to relax and enjoy the time off. For my readers who are staying home and are considering things to do, if movies are on your agenda I know of some great flicks you can take in. I give accolades not only to Kingsman and Interstellar, but also to Thunder Bay starring Jimmy Stewart.

Thunder Bay is an excellent film where its main character, Steve Martin, played by Jimmy Stewart endures incredible hardships in order to build on offshore oil rig in order to extract petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico off of Louisiana’s coast. Both the plot and acting are solid and it is a movie praising the accomplishments of entrepreneurs willing to take short term risks for long term gains. All three films I mention commemorate people willing to use their minds and labor in order to achieve justice, survive and prosper. That is what Labor Day should be and is all about.