“The Clouds” by Aristophanes

A campus performance of Aristophanes’ The Clouds during 2016 at Bard College in Berlin, staged by alumna Maria Khan and a group of students. The play is Aristophanes’ lampooning Socrates and ancient Athens’ intellectual class. A play Thomas Sowell would certainly appreciate. It starts at 6:20. PHOTO CREDIT: Strepsiades and Pheidippides are discussing, Socrates is hanging in… Read More “The Clouds” by Aristophanes

Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe Monologue Was Bittersweet

By now many of you may have seen or read about the smack down conducted by comedian Ricky Gervais at last night’s 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Taken by itself, what Gervais said was terrific and really gave Hollywood elites the scolding they deserved. People resent being preached to by Hollywood celebrities that they pay… Read More Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe Monologue Was Bittersweet

Why Environmentalists Hate Captain Planet

One video blogger looks back at Captain Planet cartoon series and the environmentalist messages it transmitted with absolute revulsion. It not only demonized businessmen and laborers, but humans in general. To some environmentalists, the cartoon series didn’t go far enough in it’s condemnations of humanity and its activities.