California retreats on climate change

In a stunning upset for California Governor Jerry Brown, California Democrats are siding with Republicans in opposing the Governor’s green energy initiatives. A column in The Wall Street Journal states the main reason is that the renewable sources hurt the poor due to increased costs of energy.

The Wall Street Journal editorial reveals:

The environmental lobby has tried to turn climate change into a social justice issue even though its anticarbon policies disproportionately harm the poor. Honest Democrats are starting to admit this, as we saw in this week’s stunning revolt in the California legislature.

Jerry Brown doesn’t have much to show for his second turn in Sacramento, and of late he has focused his legacy attention on reducing carbon emissions. The Governor hailed California as a model of green virtue at the Vatican this summer and had hoped to flaunt sweeping new anticarbon regulations at the U.N’s climate-change summit in Paris this year.

But now his party has mutinied. Democrats hold near supermajorities in both legislative chambers with 52 of 80 seats in the Assembly. Yet this week 21 Democratic Assembly members representing middle- and low-income communities—including 11 blacks and Latinos—joined Republicans to kill a bill mandating a cut in state greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

This news comes after a blunt statement made by representatives from the state of Bavaria to Germany’s parliament that the country must end its support of renewable energy sources. As a result of embracing renewable energy, the costs of energy in Germany have not only skyrocketed but has also resulted in occasional blackouts. Consequently, many industries could leave for France or the United States.

Environmentalists who propose using renewable power know this but intentionally avoid the fact hat their alternatives not only raise the cost of energy but also can’t provide for people’s energy needs. This is due to the fact that deep down inside the depths of their souls environmentalists are anti-industry and anti-civilization. If we want cheap, abundant sources of energy, the solution is not replacing fossil fuels but enhancing our access to them for our use and let consumers decide which energy sources they want. A good start would be to reject the hype climate alarmists and environmentalists make along with their call to restrict carbon-based energy use.