Freelee the Banana Girl manipulates photoshops

Australian diet guru Leanne Ratcliffe (aka Freelee the Banana Girl) made a controversial video back in June stating that people who eat meat (including her family members) deserved to die. Her statement caused a huge backlash but, in my view, gaining publicity was her main goal and she succeeded as Ratcliffe has not issued any followup statements.

Leanne Ratcliffe is a proponent of a high calorie, raw vegan diet of that involves consuming a little over 90 percent fruit. To keep interest in her diet, Freelee posts video diaries of what she eats every day. However, medical experts have weighed in and say that her food recommendations are not safe. One woman who followed her eating plan states she nearly died from following Ratcliffe’s food recommendations and has made it a point to warn people not only about her experience with Freelee’s diet but to expose the diet guru as a fake.

After reviewing not only write ups pooh-poohing Ratcliffe’s diet, I must say the evidence pointing to Freelee being a fraud is quite compelling. The below video demonstrates how Ratcliffe manipulates photoshops to make the case that her diet works. The content of the below video could be applied to all other before-and-after photoshops too.