Animal “rights” groups support TB infection of UK meat and dairy

Despite a 2003 study done by the government of the United Kingdom affirming that badgers are carriers of the tuberculosis that is infecting Great Britain’s meat supply, animal rights activists decried a recent decision by UK health authorities to expand a badger cull in order to stop the spread of tuberculosis that is infecting England’s rural cattle.

According to BBC, the cull is part of a 25 year effort to eliminate the disease and the effort has been expanded to five regions and could possibly expand to an even wider area. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) states that England has the highest rate of TB bovine in Europe resulting in thousands of cattle slaughtered each year. Opponents of the culls deny badgers are the primary carriers and state the cull effort is a waste of time and money. The data, however, on such an effort is mixed but there are indications the cull will work.

However, the opponents of the badger cull are not seeking to save taxpayer money nor trying to find a better way to halt the spread of tuberculosis in Britain’s meat and dairy supply. They seek to have Britain’s meat supply infected so more humans are killed off. Animal rights organizations prefer mankind to disappear from the face of the Earth. The best way to do that is to attack the human food supply piecemeal like when groups like PETA lie about the way animals are treated at slaughter houses and farms. In this case it is to ensure the infection of TB in Great Britain’s food and dairy supply.