Animal “rights” group wants humans to suffer from brain injuries, dementia

Newcastle University is defending itself against an animal rights group that has condemned recent medical tests involving 13 rhesus macaque monkeys as cruel. The UK Chronicle reports the group Cruelty Free International (CFI) is demanding the university stop using monkeys in its brain research.

During the experiment, monkeys were restrained so scientists could track their eye movements. Brain scans were also used on both monkeys and humans were subjected to scans of certain parts of their brains in order to see if language is used in a legal, ordered manner.

While CFI accuses the university’s research as unnecessary, the institution has responded in its defense via its spokesman saying the experiments help researchers find out what goes wrong when someone loses their capability of speech such as if a patient suffers from dementia, experiences a brain injury or stroke. Newcastle uses alternatives to animals in its research when it can, however, utilizing primates is the only way experimenters can understand how events that involve people losing their ability of speech can occur.

By opposing medical tests such as this, groups (like CFI) would rather people suffer and even die from injuries and illnesses that hinder someone’s ability to communicate. Imagine the pain involved in someone watching a loved one deteriorate resulting from dementia, a brian injury or stroke. As a species it is our moral right to use Earth’s resources for our betterment and that includes using animals for medical experimentation. Humans are nature’s favored species because of our ability to think and reason, animals lack any such ability and even any sense of morality. Therefore, not only should animals not be given the same rights as humans but it is our right to exploit them for purposes beneficial for our existence.