Audubon Society condemns humans for Oregon salmon problems

One would think that, like the World Wildlife Fund, that the Audubon Society is a more mainstream environmentalist organization seeking to encourage people to preserve nature and wildlife rather than resorting to political involvement. Think again. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers just announced> an effort to kill 11,000 seabirds at the mouth of Oregon’s Columbia River in an attempt to protect young salmon.

The Associated Press points out that seabird consumption of salmon is affecting an endangered species of the fish and their efforts to not only kill the birds but disturb their habitats would help preserve the salmon species. Upon hearing about this, the Audubon Society threatened to sue the government agency blaming the Columbia River dam as the cause of the problem.

The gist of the claim made by the Audubon Society is typical of any environmentalist group. It is always mankind’s fault for nature’s problems and if humans were not disturbing nature, none of what is happening with species (like the salmon in question) would happen. This logic is also taken to the point where environmentalists seek to rid the planet of humans (except themselves) and will do anything and everything to prevent mankind from living and prospering. Up to and including condemning man-made structures, like dams, that benefit humans in some way.