Solar panels could kill firefighters

A very interesting presentation took place yesterday in Erie County, New York. ABC affiliate WKBW out of Buffalo states that area firefighters attended a seminar Monday learning how to handle structures with solar panels.

As it turns out, the panels maybe eco-friendly by reducing energy bills and power usage of houses and buildings that use them, but firefighters involved in fire suppression efforts could get electrocuted when trying to remove them, and ceilings would be more vulnerable to collapse due to panel weight.

Firefighters in the United States tend to ventilate a structure on fire by having some men go on the roof to open parts of it to release heat and smoke. With the presence of solar panels, not only could the individual firefighter attempting to remove a solar panel get electrocuted but so could others near them.

While the firefighters will have to find ways to work around or adapt to the presence of solar panels on homes, it makes their jobs much more difficult and even puts occupants of homes and other buildings at greater risk should their homes or workplaces catch fire. Despite this latest reported potential hazard to human life, environmentalists will remain unfazed. What’s a few more dead humans when it comes to trying to destroy civilization by giving people the illusion of helping to save the planet?