UK Environmentalists use fake fracking study to scare Bentham residents

Environmentalists not only use intimidation tactics and also fear as part of their efforts to stop certain practices they do not like. In Great Britain recently, Bentham residents were subject to the Mean Green Machine’s efforts to strike fear in Benthamites over the fracking issue using (what was later discovered by the press to be) a fake study.

The Craven Herald & Pioneer reports activists with the group Wenningdale Climate Action Network (WeCAN) conducted their own fracking survey on Main Street in Bentham. It was part of an effort spurned and done in conjunction with the Climate Coalition’s Speak Up Week of Action. This activity came in the wake of the North Yorkshire County Council passing a host of environmental measures which include allowing hydraulic fracking. A WeCAN spokesman gave an alarming assessment of the practice stating:

“Fracking and burning gas will just speed up global warming. The money being invested in it could be spent on clean, renewable energy, instead of a new fossil fuel extracted by a process that has created environmental havoc in the USA. If real frackers do come to Bentham, their seismic tests will be carried out in quiet rural corners from unmarked vans – not on Main Street in high-vis gear!”

The group seems to have achieved the effect it intended. The Herald & Pioneer quotes protesters saying that residents they talk to were assuredly frightened that fracking could come to their area.

Despite many studies proving hydraulic fracturing is safe, environmentalists will have their way even if it means instilling fear by using propaganda like fake studies to whip up hysteria among the populace. Mankind needs fossil fuels to power our civilization, but these Green Luddites deem themselves as knowing what is best for others rather than the people deciding for themselves.