Victims of the South Australia Statewide Blackout to Sue Wind Farm Operators

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

During the recent statewide blackout in South Australia, there is no doubt that unstable output from wind farms triggered the cascade of events which caused the power outage. The question is – are wind farm operators liable for the economic harm their “product” caused?

Lawsuit looms over South Australia wind shutdown

South Australian businesses left without power could form a class action after it was revealed yesterday nine of the state’s 13 wind farms tripped or reduced output during last month’s storms ­because of a “software issue”.

Litigation funder IMF Bentham said the statewide blackout was on the company’s radar as state Treasurer Tom Koutsan­tonis warned of “lawyers at 20 paces everywhere”.

The Australian Energy Market Operator yesterday released an update to its preliminary report on the September 28 blackout. It identified six voltage disturbances which occurred in the network and also downed transmission…

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