Proof animal “rights” groups seek to outlaw pet shops, dog breeders

A stark admission revealed within the text of a recent post at a Left-wing Arizona blog Big AZ Media. Back in May, Arizona enacted SB1248 that prohibits municipalities within the state to implement so-called puppy mill and commercial breeding ordinances.

The cities of Tempe and Phoenix recently enacted laws that were designed to outlaw so-called puppy mills and commercial breeders but were really geared at targeting pet shops and running them out of business. The admission that animal rights groups seek to outlaw commercial breeders and pet shops is stated right in the text of the story as told by the head of one of the groups that pushed for Tempe’s ordinance:

As for the topic of commercial breeding, [Founder and Director of Ohana Animal Rescue Deanna] Arroyo wants it to end.

“I’m very much against commercial breeding,” Arroyo. said. “Your responsible breeders are not your breeders breeding for profit.”

So-called animal rights groups seek to outlaw commercial animal breeders because they hate the idea of people having animals bred and owned for domesticated use. They use broad generalizations and outright lies in order to further their cause of not only preventing the usage of animals for ownership by humans but also to destroy the economy.

Puppy mills are a smoke screen to hide the sinister agenda of animal rights organizations. Their goal with efforts to close or enact more rules on pet shops and commercial breeders claiming to clamp down on animal cruelty, in reality, is to eventually end ownership of domesticated animals. This, in turn, throws hundreds of thousands of employees that are directly and indirectly employed in the pet industry out of work. All of this geared to prevent human ownership of animals such as dogs and cats.