Wyoming regulators debunk myth that fracking contaminates drinking water

A little noticed, but significant event took place a couple of days after Election Day. Fox News states that Wyoming environmental regulators refuted claims made by opponents of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) that the drilling method pollutes groundwater.

According to Fox News, Pavillion, Wyoming has been cited numerous times by anti-fracking activists and environmentalists as an example of fracking contaminating drinking water. Their allegations stem from a 2011 Associated Press news report that the EPA may have found traces of contamination resulting from fracking in Pavillion’s drinking water supply.

It was later discovered that the EPA incorrectly drilled their own monitoring wells resulting in the introduction of contaminants in their drinking water samples. After this, Fox News states, state regulators, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Geological Survey reviewed the EPA’s findings and, consequently, openly criticized the agency’s findings.

The EPA never introduced its report for peer review and after dragging its feet until 2013, backed out of the case and turned jurisdiction over to Wyoming environmental regulators. Wyoming officials released the results of their investigation last month, declaring in an 80,000 page manuscript that there was no evidence of fluids used for fracking in the town of Pavillion’s drinking water.

It is this kind of lack of media scrutiny and that results in the half truths and outright lies put out about things like vaccines, climate change or (in this case) fracking. Despite many studies proving hydraulic fracturing is safe, environmentalists will have their way even if it means instilling fear by using propaganda like false conclusions or mistakes made by regulatory agencies to make their case to outlaw certain practices. Mankind needs fossil fuels to power our civilization, but these lying, scheming, Green Luddites deem themselves as knowing what is best for others rather than the people deciding for themselves.