Obama Holdovers Work to Undermine EPA Reforms

Holdovers from the Obama Administration in the Environmental Protections Agency are doing their utmost to undermine efforts by the President Donald Trump to reform the bureaucracy. For the most part, unfortunately, it seems that they are mostly succeeding.

For example, according to a report issued by the Competitive Enterprise Institute a few days ago, the Trump Administration proposed deep cuts in spending to the EPA’s chemical safety and sustainability budget. The cuts would have included reductions to the EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) which would have eliminated funding for the agency’s controversial research program known as the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) which has a history of producing junk science.

Unfortunately, the omnibus spending bill that ended up on the President’s desk last week was the result of a Congressional compromise maintained funding for ORD and IRIS at 2017 levels. This result was due to the work of a single individual who heads the IRIS program named Kristina Thayer in which CEI points out:

Thayer’s background includes working for environmental activist groups, such as World Wildlife Fund and the Environmental Working Group (EWG). She works under former American Chemistry Council scientist Tina Bahadori, who started her career at EPA during the Obama years. Bahadori recently arranged for a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) workshop to review progress on IRIS program improvements, with the apparent hope that the NAS will provide some praise for recent reforms and support continued funding of IRIS.

They are two of four holdovers from the Obama Administration named in the CEI report who are clearly working to maintain the so-called legacy of former President Barack Obama. Obama’s policies nearly ruined not only the American economy with his heavy-handed environmental policies but heavily politicized the issue of climate change to the point where there was heavy collaboration between environmentalists and EPA officials. That is what these individuals are working to defend and what they want for America.