Aussie climate scientist catastrophizes her child birth concerns

An Australian climate scientist, Dr. Sophie Lewis, has penned a shocking op-ed that was published in today’s edition of The Sydney Morning Herald. She essentially states that having a baby presents a serious ethical dilemma, despite more of them being born.

Part of my motivation for becoming a climate scientist was my grave worries for our future and my desire to make a positive contribution. In today’s world, this isn’t straightforward.

Earlier this year, I wrote publicly of my qualms around desiring children. I have always loved children and always wanted children in my own life. At the same time, among my friends and colleagues, such ordinary desires are increasingly accompanied by long, complex conversations about the ethics of such aspirations.

Children born today face a dramatically different climate future than their parents did. A child born today is a child of a changing – and extreme – global climate. The decision to have a child is a decision to exacerbate such climate extremes.

What really stuck out was her paragraph stating:

Over these years, I analysed climate data demonstrating an extreme future born of our global policy prevarication. Meanwhile, I was dragged into an undertow of crushing sadness, as miscarriage followed miscarriage and my connections to the world slipped further away from me.

Dr. Sophie Lewis is not only playing the victim card but is coupling it with catastrophizing. Catastrophizing is a cognitive dysfunction believing a situation is a lot worse than it really is. It can also lead to depression and if Lewis is depressed then the combination might explain her miscarriages. A woman’s experience with miscarriages is very traumatic and can feed back into depression. I am not a psychiatrist and even if I was I cannot diagnose a patient I haven’t examined. I also admit that this is speculation but it is not uninformed speculation.

Since Dr. Sophie Lewis is an early career academic at Australian National University. it is not out of the realm of possibility that her continuous exposure to her alarmist colleagues claiming the end is nigh, not only can have an effect on her state of mind but is also a prime example of climate alarmists eating their own.