Republicans want to ban fracking too

It isn’t just Democrats or Leftists who oppose fracking. Republicans are jumping on the bandwagon too. US News and World Report reveals that bills in the Sunshine State’s Republican-controlled legislature have been introduced and Maryland’s Republican Governor has signed on to banning the drilling method in his state.

The reason for this shift is clearly pragmatic. Both Florida and Maryland point to seeking to protect people from the alleged harmful effects of fracking when none exist. All of the claims made against fracking by environmentalists have either not been definitively proven and still need further study or have been refuted.

Environmentalists are diametrically opposed to any source of energy that makes our lives better. Their worship of nature demonstrates their preference for the primitive savagery of nature over the civilization of mankind. The worst part about it is the Republican Party in some states sanctions this ethic by governing like Democrats. Instead of standing on principle caving into either political pressure or poll numbers in order to assure their re-election.